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>> Official description of the VBS-program by European Office, Vienna Board of Education

VBS Herbststraße  -  Taking a World View

  VBS - What is it?

  • Primary education according to the Austrian curriculum in the pupils first language
  • Part of "VIENNA BILINGUAL SCHOOLING", from kindergarden to high school (AHS-Oberstufe)
  • Each class will be formed of children with German and children with English as mother tongues, or as languages of communication.


  Goals and content

  • German and English as equal languages of instruction
  • Increasing knowledge of foreign languages through regular use: Pupils will learn the new language from their peers as well as their teacher.
  • Intercultural learning, educating tolerance and cosmopolitanism



  • Learning to read and write in the first language:
    In VIENNA BILINGUAL PRIMARY SCHOOLs the decision on each student's language grouping is made at the school level, in consultation with parents. Your child will be part of either the English or the German group, and reading and writing will be taught in separate groups.
  • language acquisition in the second language:
    In the 1st and 2nd grade verbally, later also in written language
  • English as a working language:
    The two teachers team teach one Maths and one General Knowledge lesson each week


  Our pupils

  • German speaking children who have a good previous knowledge of English and a particular interest in learning modern languages
  • Children with English speaking parents who speak English as their mother tongue, or as a language of communication, and who have a previous knowledge of German

In order to provide a quality learning environment for this dynamic program, each class has two teachers: a native English speaking teacher as well as an Austrian primary school teacher with well developed English skills.



A precondition for admission into this school system is an adequate previous knowledge of English. In a short orientation talk the two teachers will ask your child questions and we will observe whether or not your child feels comfortable in the foreign language.

Due to the high demand and limited places available, a positive orientation talk might not guarantee admission.


Information on registration for VBS can be found here >>